Friday, December 30, 2016

Can I easily make money on Youtube using Google monetization?

No, you can't. Unless you have millions of views. Most top youtubers suggest disabling Google monetization. Ads turn more visitors away than generating revenue.

You will get 0.50$-2$ for every 1.000 views and that is not for sure.

Take my channel as an example. I have uploaded a show in Greek using free footage and open source music.

Then the Google shitstorm began. I have monetization disabled. But it has been monetized! By Google! Who gets the money? Some crappy shitty company claiming that I am using the song "Don't worry be happy". What a monstrous mountain of bullshit!

Listen to this show! This song DOES NOT EXIST in my video!

So, you will buy expensive equipment, make a nice video, put it online, and some f*cker will get your money because of a fake copyright claim.

Of course I requested to remove this fake copyright claim. Nothing happened till today.

Thank you Google. Thanks a lot. Youtube will be soon dead if you let some Indian (or whatever) scam companies do this.

We are veterans to Microsoft practices. We grew old and now see nobody wanting to use Bing or other Microsoft products. Microsoft hardware is also dead. Microsoft died due this kind of practices. Satya Nadella it is too late to change anything nowadays.

Google it's your turn now to become Yahoo.