Friday, December 30, 2016

Let's talk about true racism (not a race though) and real fascism.

You know these stories about .. phobia. You certainly have heard about islamophobia, homophobia and lots of words ending with "phobia".

Have you ever heard anything about fatophobia or obesityphobia? No? Why not?

I was inspired writing this article while watching the following video from the youtube channel "boogie2988".

A very successful youtuber with over 3.8 million subscribers. A man constantly being bombarded with hate comments about his weight.

So, we should love Islamism but hate fat people? What a lovely society. Who cares about gays, almost no one has a problem with homosexuals as long as not presenting their sexual behavior as a trend or being cooler than the rest of us.

But fat people are treated as the garbage of modern society.

Let's get one thing straight. Obesity is not a lifestyle attitude. It is a serious, painful mostly deadly disease. These people suffer a lot. There is always a reason to be overweight. But we hate those people. Right?

"Boogie2988" has received tons of emails and comments about his weight. So, he decided to make the following video explaining "The Truth Why I'm So Fat". Watch it. Don't close your eyes and just click away. You must watch it.

The same thing is happening with smokers. Yeap, you hate smokers too. Smoking is no a lifestyle attitude either. It is also a disease! Smokers are sick people. I myself am a heavy smoker. Nicotine is a drug. A highly addictive drug. You hate people that are not so perfect as you are. Isn't it? You hate smokers. You let them smoke outside at -10 degrees. They stink. Right? You will hunt them down even if smoking outside in a far away corner. Right? You hate them. They destroy your perfection.

The same story about obesity with this guy below. A fantastic tech youtuber. He has lost tons of weight. His body skin is loose now. People are throwing him tons of hate comments due to his skin being loose. What happened to humanity.

Watch both videos and you might learn something. Continue hating diseased people an continue preaching multiculturism and islamophilia. That's the right thing to do. You will probably not share my article. It is painful isn't it? You hate those people. Don't you?

Bye, bye humanity.

(Sorry about my English not being perfect. I perfectly speak German and Greek but never used English for blogging. I promise I will get better.)