Friday, December 30, 2016

Time to close my Facebook account after almost 10 years.

Am seriously considering shutting down my Facebook account.

First Facebook changed (years ago) it’s algorithm presenting your timeline. It’s not a timeline anymore. Nothing to do with time. Facebook decides what posts are «good for you». Posts are not presented in chronological order for long now.

Thinks are getting worse. Facebook updated it’s algorithms again. This time censoring «Fake News» websites. The only websites considered «Real News» are the Main Stream Media (MSM) ones. The real fake news sites. Sites where mainly presstitutes work.

I have about 5.000 friends and have liked many news websites. None of them belong to the so called MSMs group. What happened?

My timeline consists of dogs, cats, #yearinreview2016, happy babies, cooking recipes and funny videos. I DON’T WANT THIS SHIT!

I love reading articles about politics, technology, people, posts concerning this world and it’s future. No, that’s not «good for me» according to Facebook. F*ck you!

Maybe these are the last days am using Facebook. Really thinking seriously about closing my account and Tom’s News Facebook Page.